PPROM Self Test at Home (OTC)

Monitoring PPROM at Home

The Challenge

Accurately assessing the risk of preterm birth is a difficult diagnosis with significant implications. Clinical evaluation alone is limited in its ability to predict imminent delivery among patients with signs of threatened preterm labor (PTL).

The Reason

Traditional test include measuring cervical length and vaginal PH. The methods come with poor performance in sensitivity and specificity, leading to unnecessary impact to parents and extra cost in hospital.

The Solution

Parsagen Diagnostics is providing rapid, non-invasive strip tests for the detection and monitoring of in patients presenting with signs and symptoms of preterm labor.  These strip are based on the detection of biomarker including: fFN, IGFBP-1 and PAMG-1. Featuring simple testing steps, our test can be done at home and give assurance and confidence basing on it’s accuracy and high sensitivity which allows a much earlier alert to expectant moms than traditional tests.